Posted on: September 26, 2009 8:08 am

Penn State vs Iowa

Again...this game scares me.  But more often then not when Penn State finds themselves on national tv on a Saturday night they come up victorious.  I am a bit worried about the injuries that have settled in on defense most notably Sean Lee possibly being out for tonight's contest.  As long as Navarro Bowman plays I am not at all worried as Iowa has had a dismal run game so far this year.  Shonn Greene being in the NFL makes me feel much better about this game.  I think Penn State will win this one in a rout which is saying a lot considering how they have faired against Iowa in the past.  110,000 in a white out in Happy Valley does not bode well for a young Iowa team.  Darryl Clark throws 3 TDs and Evan Royster should pick up another two.  Penn State 38-7 yes you heard it here first it wont even be close.  We are.....PENN STATE!!!
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Posted on: March 28, 2009 11:59 am

Stan Van Gundy will be owned in the playoffs

Wow, has Van Gundy been burning a lot of bridges.  I cannot wait for the second round of the playoffs so that the Celtics can trash them once and for all.  He was quite the sportsman after the recent 2 point victory over a very undermanned Celtics team.  He claims that it is ludicrous to speak of all the Celtic's injuries and no one should feel bad for them.  A healthy Kevin Garnett changes the whole dynamic of this team.  Don't tell me that losing Jameer Nelson is really that big of a deal...he is not the player Rondo is and is not a great floor leader.  Dwight Howard is a choker and can't even hit a baby hook.  He was horrible in the fourth quarter the other night and they just barely escaped.  Good thing Howard can dunk cause he doesn't do anything else well.  Van Gundy is more worried about the Knicks respecting Patrick Ewing then the upcoming playoffs.  What a joke, someone needs to put Ron Jeremy out to pasture....mooo!



Posted on: March 28, 2009 11:54 am

Lofty expectations for Nittany Lions this year

As a huge Penn State fan I am surprised to see all this talk about winning the Big Ten.  I am not sure how good of a team this will be this year as they will be very young and inexperienced.  If Sean Lee indeed is 100 percent then combing him with Navarro Bowman will make as a good a LB core in the country.  The secondary has major question marks and the DL is losing Aaron Maybin (although as long as Maurice Evans stays away from the parties he could have 13 sacks this year).  The OL is going to be young and could stumble early.  Green needs to learn how not to fumble and our receivers are raw.  I wonder how good Darrell Clark will be with a whole new set of WRs.  Their are so many question marks at this point so I wouldn't be picking them for anything.  I am a bigger fan of seeing them play the role of the dark horse when no one expects anything from them they come up huge.



Posted on: February 4, 2009 10:57 am

Boston Celtics 1st Half Review

Well the Celtics are on their second long winning streak of the season but one things for sure every time they have been on a long streak they run into the Lakers.  Seems as though the Lakers have a feel for history and know that they hold the record for 33 straight wins in the NBA.  This time will be different since it is in Boston, however who knows how healthy Kevin Garnett will be getting over the flu.  Lets face it though, I remember last year's playoffs and this Celtics team does need to get better.  Eddie House has been a nice surprise but that type of scoring cannot last(although I hope that it does).  Paul Pierce has been his usual self and Ray Allen has been clutch  a la last nights buzzer beater.  KG has been consistent and Rondo keeps getting better.  The bench does worry me.  Tony Allen shows signs of getting over his turnover problems then turns it over again and makes 2 steals to make up for it....interesting when he is on the floor to say the least.  Big Baby Davis has been playing with more confidence but still seems lost at times, but not quite as much as last year.  They still need one more big body to help out in the postseason.  The bench will be key and I feel that the Celtics are in need of either another scorer off the bench or someone who can play the big forward.  We will see as I am very confident this team will make a strong run the second half and competer for back to back NBA titles. 

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Posted on: November 2, 2008 5:20 pm

My take on the lastest polls

Penn State should not have been jumped...just keep in mind what Lee Corso said, Ohio State only lost for the third time in 7 years at home.  That win for PSU was a big deal.  If the Ohio State-USC game was in Columbus the result might have been very different.  Of course they beat a team that had Chris Wells injured and no Terrell Pryor at QB.  And remember PSU stomped Oregon State who beat USC.  Are we sure these team from the Big 12 are that good?  Who says they are, because the pollsters have them all ranked in the Top 25.  Just cause Big Ten football isn't pretty doesn't mean it isn't good football.  The Big 12 has serious issues when it comes to playing D.  A team that cannot hold opponents under 30 points is a pretender and not a contender.  Remember Defense wins championships.  This Penn State team is better than the message boards state.  This team could run the table in the Big 12 with the high octane Spread HD offense and a very talented defense.  People forget that their D is still this good even after losing All-American Sean Lee to injury for the season and Justin King leaving early for the draft.  PSU would beat Tech by minimum two scores.  Please give me some feedback here.
Posted on: October 25, 2008 7:23 pm

Penn State vs Ohio State preview 10-25-08

Wow, this one should be for the ages.  Reminds me a lot of the game from 2005 where Penn State prevailed 17-10 I believe.  This game will be very similar and will be a true test for Daryl Clark playing on the road in a place as tough as the Horseshoe.  Penn State went down early against Illinois and also Michigan and both times showed what they are made of.  I worry that getting behind a team like Ohio State early will be tough especially with that incredible speed on D.  The difference in this game will come down to the inexperience of Pryor vs the cool, calm, and collected Daryl Clark.  Clark will show us why he got a #5 vote in the Heisman running last week and will show the rest of the nation that Penn State is for real.  Josh Hull learned a valuable lesson last week against the run and I look for a 12 tackle performance out of him to help neutralize Chris Wells.  I still see Wells running for at least 90 but Penn States Offensive Line will open bigger holes for Evan Royster to run through.  Nittany Lions 23-13.  Comments please.....
Posted on: October 4, 2008 2:17 am

Penn State vs Purdue preview for 10-3-08

Penn State will again show off its speed and high octane offense against Purdue where Painter will struggle to figure out the Penn State defense.  I am not giving Purdue much of a chance, especially after getting beat handily by a Notre Dame team that looks very poor at best.  I expect Clark to have at least 3 TDs be it with his feet or through the air.  The secondary will frustrate Painter and I expect a score of around 37-10 but not a huge blowout because Joe Paterno has way too much respect for Joe Tiller as they are very good friends.  GO PSU! 
Posted on: October 4, 2008 2:12 am

Angels will fall from heaven (confirmed)x2

Well I'm glad to see the Angels are still playing small ball...which will not win playoff games and Ervin Santana is not a big game pitcher, actually neither is K-Rod either more like C-Rod(choke rod).  Going back to Boston down 2-0 does not look good for the Angels and like I said some reward for having the best record in having to deal with the Sox in the first round.  Remember these are the World Series Champions.  JD Drew has earned all of my respect for playing through this back injury and producing in the clutch as he has done since he has got to Boston.  Youkilis pulling that ball out of the camera pit tonight was classic as was his barehanded stab on the bunt attempt.  Jason Bay showed us again why Manny Ramirez will not be missed.  It's Soxtober and when you throw an 88mph changeup in the zone we will deposit it into the bleachers.  Go SOX!
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